Dimensions: 56

  Create a new and unforgettable party with a level of excitement and fun by renting this LED 4 player Foosball table. Lower the room lights and the glow of this table will really turn heads.  Your...

Dimensions: 108"L x 60"W x 30" H

 Try out your table tennis skills with this fun and fast paced game. Will keep your guests entertained for hours.

Dimensions: 10'L x 13'W x 10'H

    Hot Shot is the perfect two-player hoop inflatable game. It comes with sound for each shot you make. See who can get more hoops in the allotted time.  Recommended Space Requirements: 5' clea...

Dimensions: 58"w x 58"l x 32"h

    This octagon shaped game enables each player to challenge his opponents. You never know where the octagon shaped puck will end up. Your guests will have a blast playing this fast moving game. 

Dimensions: 15'L x 8'W x 14'H

  Connect 3 puts your basketball skills to a test. Connect 3 balls in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line to beat your opponent. Remember to block your opponent when he gets two in a row. Velcr...

Dimensions: 8'L x 4'W x 3'H

  This regulation hockey table will surely test your defensive skills. Players use paddles to ricochet a gliding puck on a bed of air into the opponents goal. Includes an electronic score display. ...

Dimensions: 32'L x 30'W x 22'H

    Have the best of both worlds with this amazing Inflatable Football Game. You can try your skill at kicking a field goal through the goal posts, or you can see what you have with trying to pass ...

Dimensions: 75'L x 30'W x 1.5'H

Looking for something different? These human hamster styled balls will add hours of fun to any party. Two players race each other in the 10' high balls on a criss crossed track using their hands an...

Dimensions: 10'L x 4'W x 7 1/2'H

Test your shooting skills against another player. The electronic scoreboard keeps track of all the baskets you made in a 60 second period. Fun for all ages.  

Dimensions: 20'L x 20'W x 11'H

 Test your skills with the 3 and 1 sports challenge. Kick the soccer ball in the goal then shoot 3's in the basketball hoop and finish off by throwing touchdowns like Eli Manning

Dimensions: 13'L x 12'W x 10'H

 Batter up!! Players swing for the fences with our tee ball challenge. Step right up to the plate.

Dimensions: 5'L x 3'W x 3'H

 This all time favorite is great for the soccer player who wants to out score his opponent.

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